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Name:    Brown, George
Profession:  Business Person, Manufacturer
Born/Started:     Mar. 21, 1853
Died/Ended:     Dec. 13, 1921
Description:    George Warren Brown was born in Granville, NY in 1853. He moved to St. Louis to work as a shipping clerk at Hamilton-Brown Shoe Company, where his brother Alanson was president and partner.

In 1878 Brown set out on his own and organized Bryan, Brown, and Company. The business started meagerly with only five shoemakers and little capital. Gradually, the business grew to over 6,000 employees and its name was changed to Brown Shoe Company. Its Buster Brown label became a trademark for children’s shoes.

George Brown married Betty Bofinger in 1885 and they had one adopted son. The George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University is named after him. [Final Resting Place, p. 81].

Brown Group Inc.

Final Resting Place-The Lives and Deaths of Famous St. Louisians

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