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Name:    Christy, William
Profession:  Entrepreneur
Category:  St. Louis and the West
Died/Ended:    1837
Description:    Major William Christy was a landowner and politician in St. Louis.

Detailed Description:
Christy came to St. Louis in 1804. On November 27, 1809, he was elected to the Board of Trustees for the newly incorporated Town of St. Louis. Christy was a member of the "Irish Crowd" a potent group of men who were involved in the early leadership of St. Louis, and aided their fellow Irishmen through the Erin Benevolent Society. Christy purchased several sizable sections of land in the early 1800´s. Christy was one of the developers of North St. Louis, which was incorporated on June 29, 1816. The area is between the present streets of Tyler and Wright. He named the following streets: Madison, Monroe, Clinton, Benton, Warren, Montgomery and Market (now North Market). North St. Louis was annexed by St. Louis in 1841. Christy opened another important addition to St. Louis in 1836, expanding it to the northwest. The addition covered the area between 9th St. and Jefferson, from Franklin (now Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.) to Lucas [Primm 99, 109, 149, 171; Magnan & Magnan 50; Wayman 6].

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