Organizations that Support Google Fiber in St. Louis

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60 local organizations support Google Fiber in St. Louis!

Metropolitan Forstry Services Inc.

Help to connect the city and to bring better bandwidth to the surrounding area.

Sunrise Storage Solutions

Sunrise Storage Solutions provides offsite backup solutions to local business and Google Fiber would allow much faster transfer rates and stability for local businesses to backup their data! We want Google Fiber!

Used Cubicles, Used Office Furniture

Would make my website easy to update from anywhere!

St. Louis SEO

Google Fiber would greatly help St. Louis by advancing us to the next level. The next level... being in terms of technological advancement and the ability to attract innovative companies to the area. Let's get them to go for round two.

Spectrum Planning Inc.

We are a fiber to the home and Hybrid fiber design company located in St. Charles, MO. and we can help with the design and layout of such a topology to serve businesses and residents.


A wired city keeps more people informed and facilitates more civic engagement.

3WK L.L.C.

currently have charter business cable but this sounds like it would be much faster. please choose our area. thanks. jim a.


Our company is bringing new educational tools to the children of St. Louis schools through the Internet. Investing in ultra high speed Internet for St. Louis is investing in the students of St. Louis in a very direct way.

Old North St. Louis Restoration Group

In the 19th Century St. Louis was a launching pad for pioneers and explorers; in the 20th Century, St. Louis was at the forefront of aviation and space exploration; with an ultra high-speed broadband network, St. Louis can become a model for community revitalization.

The Virginia House Art Gallery

We want to see this happen in St. Louis to further re-enforce the fact that we are quickly becoming one of the most resurgent communities in the United States. We have a very dynamic and technically savvy community, and great strides have been made to showcase this. A project like this certainly adds to that effort.

Metropark Communications, Inc.

Metropark Communications gives businesses the ability to improve and consolidate their communications infrastructure. Ultra High Speed Bandwidth will provide new and incredible ways of accessing and sharing data for businesses as well as end users.

Evolve: The Science of Search

Search enhanced video and television programming is the next big idea in the internet world... Google Fiber will usher in a new era of marketing.

Moore Computing, LLP

How would it not? Bandwidth is required for almost everthing that we do. Obviously having more bandwidth will make us much more productive.

Crossroads College Preparatory School

Broadband for everyone! Google fiber would enable our diverse student body the ability to learn as much as possible. They deserve it.

Operation Brightside

Google Fiber would enable Operation Brightside to better connect and communicate with thousands of volunteers and city residents.

Paradigm New Media Group

Our business thrives on bandwidth and this initiative would benefit the entire region and maintain Saint Louis' position as a viable market for creativity, technology, strategy and innovation.

St. Louis University

I am a bioinformatician at St. Louis University Medical Center. I analyze high-throughput genomic datasets, and higher-speed access would be a huge boost to not only my research, but everyone in the St. Louis research community including Washington University, which played an integral role in the Human Genome Sequencing Project.

St Louis Web Design by

This would be amazing not only for St Louis, but the surrounding area as well!

Dutchtown West Neighborhood Association

It would help residents in our neighborhood receive updates on community news and information.

Another Round Trivia

By making my extensive weekly research easier and faster, thereby improving the final product I provide to my fans!

Art Underground (STL)

The artist community in St. Louis needs fast and accessible internet to network and share creative opportunities. This would definitely help "starving artists" actually get ahead!

Saint Louis University

I am a scientist and a high performance fiber would greatly facilitate transfer of data.


are you kidding? faster internet!!

St. Louis University

We as an academic community desperately need the highest possible internet speed for research and teaching. Our school has great infrastructure for this.

Saint Louis University

Google Fiber would help us recruit, teach, and serve more students. We have an internationally diverse student population, so it would benefit students all over the world. SLU wants everyone to have a chance to "Be a Billiken," and we can accomplish that faster and better by having Google Fiber Internet access.

Saint Louis University

I would help us to do documentation processing faster.

Saint Louis University

Google fiber would allow for greater productivity in the office, as it would give us access to more information in less time. In addition, SLU students would benefit from the higher speed internet, as it would allow them to complete research for classes more quickly.

Boy Scout Troop 792

It would enable the boys to more efficiently access Merit Badge information, take instructional courses, and collaborate in ways that would enable them to be better citizens and stewards of this great country.

Saint Louis University

It would help my work productivity and also my personal life. A faster internet connection means less time sitting at the computer waiting for a download and more time working and enjoying life.

Saint Louis University

Google fiber would improve our students ability to learn as much as possible as well as assist our researchers not only in finding answers, but also sending answers to the world.

Saint Louis University

we support over 4500 staff and faculty along with all our students. Faster connection means faster assistance to our customers.

Premier Realty Exclusive

By providing better, faster and more reliable internet service, our office efficiency would be drastically improved and our ability to serve the needs of clients looking for homes and investments would be improved.


Competitively priced fiber services can help make robust telecommunications more ubiquitous in our community. Not only can this help to grow new markets, it can build the kind of understanding that bridges divides and bring us all closer together.

Tuxedo Park Management, LLC

As a mentor of IT Entrepreneur Network, small business owner and someone who works out of their home, this is key to growing St. Louis as an innovative hub.

St. Louis .NET User Group

The St. Louis metro area has a huge number of software developers that work remotely. Having a strong infrastructure backbone like this would be a tremendous asset.

Flex and Fuse the Arch

Our group is always on the cutting edge - and Google Fiber would be a wonderful addition to our group of community minded, sharing, and talented developers and designers.


NCDTech provides IT services for companies that do not have a full time IT staff. From 1st level support to Virtual CIO services and hosted solutions, see how NCDTech can make your organization more efficient and save money.

The Futuro Media Group

We are a multi-platform, multi-media production company dedicated to community-based public journalism. This game-change in infrastructure would allow us to expand our employment here and would really change how we distribute content.

Circa Properties, Inc.

Our business depends on serving clients with hi resolution photos and videos of historic and renovated St. Louis City homes. We bring many new residents into the City, helping to breath new life and energy into our great classic neighborhoods!


Bring it on! Habanero fully supports bringing Google fiber to St. Louis. St. Louis has a vibrant, active and growing IT, Interactive, Social Media and Creative community and increased bandwidth will only help our companies continue the advancements we've made.


Kyvon supports Google Fiber in St. Louis and welcomes innovation to the Gateway City!


Integrity strongly desires Google fibre to help add/grow innovative start-ups in our region. Let's put St. Louis on the map. Everyone should organize and support this!


Bring it on.

Gorilla 76 LLC

We're a forward-thinking community. We want and deserve forward-thinking services.


Google Fiber in St. Louis could help the city move from being known as “The Gateway to the Midwest” to “The Gateway to Innovation.” With Google Fiber, St. Louisians could easily access large amounts of data quickly and have access to computing resources like processing in real time. Datotel supports Google Fiber in St. Louis! @datotel

switch: liberate your brand

Switch is all for better and faster internet in St Louis!

All Star Radio Networks

All Star Radio Networks provides programming to over 600 radio stations nationwide. If we're providing that material over Google Fiber here in St. Louis, you can be sure they'll all know about it!


UrbanFUTURE wants google fiber optic so we can speed up all of our online processes like volunteer and donor management.

St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission

St. Lou is High Speed

The Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region

The Open Space Council works for land and water conservation in the St. Louis Region. The benefits of this technology and availability to the area would greatly improve the community.

Lambda Lounge

Functional and dynamic language programmersr in St. Louis wants Google Fiber!

Strange Loop LLC

Strange Loop wants fiber to make St. Louis tech conferences great!

MATA Tech / STL Innovation Camp

Saint Louis' tech-preneur culture is vibrant and full of growth. Google Fiber would be a strong catalyst to accelerate this growth.

St. Louis Bicycle Works Inc.

ByteWorks is dedicated to advancing computer literacy to primarily at-risk and/or low-income children between the ages of 9 and 15 years old. The children participate in a series of six classes, and are introduced to a range of computing topics including internet safety, word processing, and even programming.


WasabiNet is already deploying low-cost mesh wifi in the Benton Park West neighborhood. Google Fiber would let Wasabi share, for example, a single 1 Gbit fiber connection across 200 households economically.

St. Louis University Urban Planning Association

From an urban planning standpoint, Google Fiber would make the St. Louis region much more competitive and could result in very positive community and economic development.

KDHX Community Media

Broadband access is critical to the development and growth of creative media in the St. Louis region. KDHX proudly supports this initiative and encourages our neighbors and friends to join us in telling Google why St. Louis is the place to be.

Adventure Canoe

We'd love to host our forum in house and serve our users better with Google fiber in St. Louis. There are to few options for connectivity in the city and faster and cheaper is appealing for both home and business use.


We support Google bringing its fiber internet service to St. Louis. We need faster speeds and lower prices.

City of Saint Louis

Google Fiber would be a great step in the direction of St. Louis' future. STL wants Google Fiber!