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Name:  Union Avenue Christian Church
Year:  1904
Architectural Firm/Architect:   Albert B. Groves
Standard Architectural Styles:  Romanesque Revival
Religious Group:  Christian
Front facade:  Stone, ashlar
Property Type Codes:  Church
Designation: City Landmark
Ward:  26
Neighborhood:  49
The Union Avenue Christian Church congregation is an outgrowth of the old Central Christian Church, which was organized in 1871. It met in a hall at 14th and St. Charles Streets until 1875, when it occupied a church at 23rd and Washington. In 1887, another move was made to a new building on Finney near Grand. In 1900, the Mount Cabanne Church combined with Central Church, whose old property was sold. They jointly used the Mt. Cabanne building at Kingshighway and Enright until 1904, when a chapel was built on the present site. At that time the name of Union Avenue Christian Church was adopted.

Due to a depression in 1907, the church floated a bond issue to complete its new building, in an unusual method of church financing. Completed in 1908, the structure┬┤s walls are built of alternate rows of smooth and rough cut stone.

Groves designed the rear chapel himself in 1904. With his partner, August Weber, he designed the front sanctuary in 1907. [p. 115]

Groves, Albert B.

St. Louis: Landmarks and Historic Districts 2002

Union Avenue Christian Church
Union Avenue Christian Church



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