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Name:  Civil Courts
Year:  1930
Architectural Firm/Architect:  Klipstein & Rathmann/Plaza Commission, Inc.
Standard Architectural Styles:  ART DECO
Neighborhood:  35
The Civil Courts Building is the last important civic structure in Saint Louis to follow the convention of looking to the past for architectural inspiration. The building is the replica of the tomb of King Mausolus built in 352 B.C. at Halicarnassus in Asia Minor. It has a step pyramid on top of a Greek Temple with a pair of griffins at the peak. It houses the law library atop the ten stories of courtrooms. The building combines elements of many divergent styles including Egyptian, Greek and Oriental. The Civil Courts Building is situated on a long 6-block open mall stretching to the west. Civil Courts was part of a massive public works project that included Kiel Auditorium. A 1923 bond issue financed both of them.

Civil Courts
Civil Courts
Civil Courts
Civil Courts
Civil Courts



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