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Name:  Marquette Building/Marquette Building Annex
Year:  1913
Architectural Firm/Architect:  Eames and Young
Standard Architectural Styles:  SULLIVANESQUE
Alterations:  Annex demolished 1996
Neighborhood:  35
The Marquette Building, also known as the Boatmen's Bank Building, was originally built in 1913 with a Sullivanesque style. In 1915, with the intent to complement the original structure, an additional component was built and was known as the Marquette Building Annex. Architects Eames and Young designed both buildings. In the heart of the finacial and business district of St. Louis, the Marquette Building and the Marquette Building Annex were constructed by the Boatmen's Bank Institution. The annex, which was originally built seven stories high, received an additional four stories in 1920. The tenant floors within the annex served as a major concentration for the development of law offices and financial firms. The annex soon became known as an integral part of the downtown office buildings in St. Louis within the beginning of the 20th century. It helped represent a sign for the turning of the century. Unfortunately, the annex was demolished with the intent to replace it with a parking structure that would serve as luxury condiminiums in the renovated Marquette Building.

Eames, William S.



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