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Name:  Tiffany Neighborhood District
District: National Register Historic District

Neighborhood:  29
"The Tiffany Neighborhood District in St. Louis qualifies for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, and is eligible under the following areas of significance: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: The District illuminates the development pattern of a significant American theme--the migration to the suburbs. The neighborhood began development in 1891 as Dundee Place, one of south St. LouisĀ“ earliest streetcar suburbs. Located some distance west of the inner city, the new subdivision offered improvement in lot space, sanitation and housing to members of the working and middle classes seeking relief from conditions in older residential sections. After critical streetcar lines reached Dundee Place, one of the most costly and intensive subdivision promotions of the decade was undertaken by professional, out-of-state owner/developers. As early as 1897, however, industrial growth in Dundee Place began to transform the District from a middle-class commuter neighborhood into a more diversified population housed in multi-family structures. A resurgence of middle-class residents appeared after two undeveloped blocks were opened in 1911 and 1912. Substantial bungalows and apartments rapidly filled these blocks." [From the nomination to the National Register of Historic Places as prepared by Jane M. Porter, researcher, and Mary M. Stiritz, editor, Landmarks Association of St. Louis, Inc., October, 1982.]

Wilhelmi, Otto



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