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Name:  Tower Grove Park
Address:  4255 Arsenal Street
Standard Architectural Styles:  Gothic Revival
Property Type Codes:  Park
Designation: National Historic Landmark
Neighborhood:  27
"Tower Grove Park is a rectangular tract of almost 285 acres located in the south-central part of the City of St. Louis. It is bounded on the east by Grand Boulevard, on the south by Arsenal Street, on the west by Kingshighway, and on the north by Magnolia Avenue. These boundaries make the park about five times longer than it is wide. Although Tower Grove Park has about 8,000 trees of over one hundred varieties, it takes its greatest distinction from its buildings, structures, and objects--its pavilions, gateways, and statues. All four of the major entrances to the park are distinguished by monumental gateways, while more modest gates are placed at other points. A dozen ornamental pavilions dot the grounds, along with four major sculptures, an artificial ruin, a conservatory, two gate lodges, a caretaker´s house and stable, two other residences, a tennis club, and a community center. The great majority of these features were built during the lifetime of Henry Shaw, the founder of the park (1800-1889) and thus contribute to the park´s significance. A small number of features have been added to the park since Shaw´s death; most of these have been sensitively designed and sited to detract as little as possible from the park´s historic integrity." [From the nomination to the National Register of Historic Places as prepared by Esley Hamilton, Tower Grove Park, February, 1989.]

Greenleaf, Eugene L.
Janssen, Ernst C.



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