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Name:  SS. Cyril and Methodius Historic District
Year:  1859
Ethnic Group:  Polish
Designation: National Register of Historic Places
District: National Register Historic District

"The SS. Cyril and Methodius District in its location and early history is closely tied to the once district village of North St. Louis. Conceived as a venture which would compete with the town of St. Louis, the sophisticated, formal plan of North St. Louis survived for almost one hundred and fifty years in spite of early annexation by the City of St. Louis, gradual change from middle to working class, then partial abandonment and geographic isolation. The transfer of the North Presbyterian Church, now SS. Cyril and Methodius, to a band of Polish dissidents may well have helped preserve the adjacent microcosm of buildings constructed by enterprising immigrants and transplanted Easterners whose good fortune in St. Louis exemplified success in the West." [From the nomination to the National Register of Historic Places as prepared by Laura Aldenderfer, researcher, and Carolyn H. Toft, executive director, September, 1980.]

Greenleaf, Eugene L.



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