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Name:  Cupples Station Building #73
Address:  100 Clark
Year:  1897
Architectural Firm/Architect:  Eames and Young
Designation: City Landmark, National Register of Historic Places,
Neighborhood:  35
Cupples Station Building number 73 has many of the features typical of the Cupples Station complex, although its Richardsonian Romanesque design appears much more modern. The ground floor features six large arches on both sides and back of the building. These Romanesque arches are repeated at the top of the fifth floor, as the second through fifth floors are treated together. A series of smaller arches again repeat the motif on the sixth floor. There is also a curved brick cornice line at the roof and on the first floor.

Cupples Station is located at what is currently the fringe of the central business district, near Busch Stadium and Highway 64/40. In the late 19th Century, Samuel Cupples, a leading woodenware distributer, and Robert S. Brookings created an 18-building warehouse district. The seven-story, red brick buildings were conveniently connected to rail lines via the Terminal Rail Road Association tunnel near Eighth and Spruce Streets. Also, an underground network of tunnels connected the buildings and linked them to the riverfront. The Cupples Station complex was designed for rapid freight handling and transfer. The hydraulic elevators and central pump were innovative technology for the times. In 2002, only 10 buildings remained standing. Some are slated for demolition, while others will be refurbished as part of the City┬┤s $350 million redevelopment project. The Westin St. Louis hotel and garage was completed in 2001, and an office complex is planned.

The Cupples Warehouse District, between 7th and 11th Streets and Spruce and Clark Streets, is on the National Historic Register.

Eames, William S.
Eames & Young,
Young, Thomas Crane



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