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Name:  Bradford-Martin Building
Address:  6th And Washington
Year:  1875
Architectural Firm/Architect:  Lee & Annan
Front facade:  Stone, ashlar
Property Type Codes:  Commercial building, Central Business District masonry
Dimensions:  135´ x 122´
Alterations:  Original cast iron storefronts removed; a 27-foot wide entrance bay with a glass dome carved into Washington St. facade. Portions of cornice and balustrades at Washington St. facade were removed.
Designation: City Landmark, National Register of Historic Places,
Ward:  7
Neighborhood:  35
The building became the central block of the Old May Company Department Store (now 555 Washington). Originally, it had a four-bay, three-bay, four-bay, four-bay storefront construction. The building permit lists Major Francis D. Lee, but it was likely the work of Lee with Thomas B. Annan. (May Company Department Store Building, NR 6/23/83)

Annan, Thomas B.
Lee and Annan,

May Company Department Store, Former



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