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Name:  McLean Tower Building
Address:  Fourth and Market Streets
Year:  1874
Date of Demolition:  Unknown
Architectural Firm/Architect:  Stewart & Jungenfeld
Standard Architectural Styles:  Second Empire
Ward:  7
Neighborhood:  35
Designed by James Stewart in conjunction with Edward Jungenfeld, this building projected the individualism of its owner, James McLean, and was a symbol of his worldwide business enterprises. Upstaging the courthouse which sat directly across the street, McLean´s corner tower stood 180 feet tall. The asymmetrical facades held a number of different window heights and shapes, as well as lavish ornamentation. Figural sculptures could be found at several locations on its facades. The McLean Tower Building, built 1874-1876, was for a time the most dominant building on the St. Louis skyline, outshining the courthouse and ushering in a new era. [115-117].

Jungfeld, Edward
Stewart, James

Architectural Heritage of St. Louis, 1803-1891



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