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Name:  Bissell Mansion (Captain Lewis Bissell)
Address:  Location: 4426 Randall Place
Architectural Firm/Architect:   Unknown
Alterations:   Second floor -gallery at rear removed
Designation: City Landmark
District: Certified Local Historic District

On a high bluff overlooking a bend in the Mississippi River known as BissellĀ“s Point, sits what is probably the oldest surviving house in St. Louis. It was erected by Captain Lewis Bissell, a nephew of General Daniel Bissell. Captain Bissell came to Missouri in 1809 and was assigned to Fort Osage in the western wilderness. He served through the War of 1812 and founded Fort Clark, the beginning of Peoria, Illinois. In 1819, he accompanied General Henry Atkinson on the first Yellowstone expedition.

Bissell died in this house in 1868 and is buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery. The threatened demolition of the old house, to make way for the Mark Twain Expressway, led to the organization of the Landmarks Association of St. Louis, a local preservation group. Through their intervention, the Bissell house was saved and re-sold to owners who were interested in its preservation.

Atkinson, General Henry
Bissell, General Daniel
Bissell, Captain Lewis

Bissell Mansion (Captain Lewis Bissell)
Bissell Mansion (Captain Lewis Bissell)
Bissell Mansion (Captain Lewis Bissell)
Bissell Mansion (Captain Lewis Bissell)
Bissell Mansion (Captain Lewis Bissell)



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