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Name:  Walz House
Address:  4708 South Broadway
Date of Demolition:  Unknown
Architectural Firm/Architect:   J.B. Clark, Port Washing
Alterations:  Changes made through remodeling.
Designation: City Landmark
This house was originally erected in 1849 for Hiram Paddleford, who was the owner of the old shot tower on the riverfront. In 1852, it was acquired by Charles L. Tucker, a grain milling operator, who later built the Tucker Station on the Iron Mountain Railroad for the benefit of residents of nearby Mount Pleasant. The property was sold again in 1873 to another grain miller, Alexander H. Smith. It remained his property until his death in 1902. It then went unoccupied until 1907, when it was acquired by Frederick Hoffmann, a general contractor who operated a limestone quarry at the foot of Wyandotte Street. Upon the death of Mr.Hoffmann in 1936, the property came into the possession of his daughter, Mrs. Herman F. Walz.

Due to the slope toward the river, the older part of the house is three stories high facing Broadway and five stories high on the river side.

Clark, J. B.
Hoffmann, Frederick
Paddleford, Hiram
Smith, Alexander H.
Tucker, Charles L.
Walz, Mrs. Herman F.

Walz House



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