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Name:  St. Liborius Parish Complex
Address:  North Market and Hogan Streets
Architectural Firm/Architect:   William Schickel of New
Alterations:  Spire removed about 1965.
Designation: City Landmark
District: National Register Historic District

By 1855, the German Catholic population between St. Joseph´s and Holy Trinity Churches had increased so greatly that the area was called "Little Paderhorn." A request was made for the formation of a new parish, which became the sixth German parish of St. Louis. A lot was purchased at North Market and Hogan Streets and the cornerstone for a church was laid in June 1856.

Growth of the parish made a larger building necessary by the late 1880s. The present Gothic structure was dedicated on November 24, 1889. Its marble altar has life-sized figures of the Crucifixion and the stained glass windows were imported from Germany.

The school building was built in 1886 and the rectory was completed in 1890. In 1904, the Convent was finished. The carved stone lace-work steeple was added in 1908.

Over the years the elements caused structural deterioration in the steeple so that, after 77 years, it had to be taken down.

Schickel, William



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