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Name:  Centenary Methodist Church
Address:  55 Plaza Square
Year:  1868
Architectural Firm/Architect:   T. Dixon, J. Legg
Standard Architectural Styles:  Gothic Revival
Religious Group:  Methodist
Front facade:  Stone, ashlar
Property Type Codes:  Church
Designation: City Landmark, National Register of Historic Places,
Ward:  7
Neighborhood:  36
Centenary Methodist Church was organized in 1839, during the 100th anniversary of John Wesley┬┤s founding of Methodism, hence its name. The architect for the structure was Thomas Dixon of Baltimore, in association with Jerome B. Legg of St. Louis. Stone for the church was quarried in North St. Louis.

Centenary Methodist Church, St. John the Apostle and Evangelist Church, and the Campbell House are the only three remaining buildings from the once very fashionable Lucas Place. It was the exclusivity of this area that attracted the parish of Centenary, which had been located at Fifth and Pine Streets since 1839. Moving that far west was seen as a gamble, but the area was rapidly becoming the most desirable residential area of the City. Two churches -- St. John the Apostle and Evangelist and Christ Church -- had vital and growing congregations, and the risk was taken.

Centenary is the second oldest Methodist church in the City. It is the seat of the Eastern Missouri Diocese. Due to this position, its congregation has always come from all parts of the metropolitan area. This no doubt played a decisive role in the decision to remain downtown and act as a city missionary church when a move was proposed in the early twentieth century.

In 1956, the parish began an intensive rehabilitation program, which cost about $250,000.

Dixon, Thomas

St. Louis: Historic Churches and Synagogues

Centenary Methodist Church
Centenary Methodist Church
Centenary Methodist Church
Centenary Methodist Church



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