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Name:  Anheuser-Busch Brewery Complex
Address:  Pestalozzi Street 700 Block
Architectural Firm/Architect:  Architects: Brewhouse - W
Designation: City Landmark, National Historic Landmark,
The Anheuser-Busch Brewery Complex is made up of 137 structures and it takes up 142 acres of land south of the Soulard Historic District. Most of the buildings were built before the turn of the century. They are constructed out of brick, in a Romanesque style.

Three of the buildings in the complex have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places: the Administration Building; the Circular Stable; and the Brewhouse.

The Brewhouse was designed by the architectural firm of Widman, Walsh and Boisselier. It is six stories in height and constructed out of stone. The central interior space is a five-story open area. Each story is made up of a cast iron balcony that runs around all four sides. The brewing equipment is located, in its various stages, on these. For the most part, the tubs, vats, pipes and kettles are original and made of copper, brass and steel.

Hanging the full distance from the ceiling to the first floor are two wrought-iron chandeliers, cast to resemble the hops vine and flower.

The Circular Stable houses the famous Budwesier Clydesdales. Their track and wagons are also on display. There are stalls for twenty horses radiating from a central, sky-lit octagonal space.

The Administration Building was the original Lyons School, completed in 1869. It was converted in the 1870s.

The location of the brewery dates back to the 1830s. It was an ideal site for a brewery due to numerous nearby caves which could be used to keep the beer cool. The original brewery was bought by the Bavarian Brewery in the late 1840s. In order to make improvements, the company borrowed money from Eberhard Anheuser, a successful soap manufacturer. In 1857, the brewery failed and Anheuser took possession and made the brewery profitable.

In 1865, Anheuser took on his son-in-law, Adolphus Busch, as a junior partner. He turned over management of the brewery to him so he could direct his energy toward the soap factory. Busch immediately made improvements in the brewery, and production and consumption skyrocketed.

In 1875, Busch became a full partner and the Anheuser-Busch Association was formed. The famous Budweiser beer was introduced in 1876. It was a lager beer that could be pasteurized without changing its flavor. Budweiser┬┤s immediately popularity made it possible to eliminate 16 other brands being brewed. Today, one hundred years later, Budweiser remains one of America┬┤s most popular beers.

Anheuser, Eberhard
Busch, Adolphus
Widman, Walsh, & Boisselier,

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