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Name:  Masonic Temple
Address:  3681 Lindell Blvd.
Architectural Firm/Architect:  Architects: Eames and Tho
Dimensions:   185 ft. high, covers mor
Alterations:   Completion of unfinished interior areas
Designation: City Landmark
This structure is the most recent in a series of Masonic structures in St. Louis dating back to 1808. In that year, the first lodge charter in St. Louis was granted and meetings were held in an old house at Second and Walnut Streets, with Meriwether Lewis as Worshipful Master. The Temple on Lindell was started in 1921 and dedicated on October 26, 1926, when the Order moved from the Odeon Theater building.

The classic structure is designed in three receding stages which are symbolic of the three steps in Masonry. Architecturally, it is noteworthy because of its massive bronze doors and its black and white marble floor, which is patterned with Masonic symbols. It was erected by several Masonic Bodies to be used for Masonic purposes by various Masonic Lodges and Eastern Star Chapters meeting in St. Louis.

Eames & Young,
Groves, Albert B.
Lewis, Meriwether

Masonic Temple



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