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Name:  Eugene Field House
Address:  634 South Broadway
Alterations:   Has become free-standing, used to be part of solid row.
Designation: City Landmark, National Register of Historic Places,
Field was a famous St. Louis poet. His father, a lawyer in the Dred Scott Case, bought the house in 1850 when it was five years old. The family lived there until 1856 when Mrs. Field died, at which time they moved to Chicago.

Originally, it was one of twelve houses called "Walsh´s Row." The homes were razed in 1936, but the Field house was saved through the efforts of citizens and the Board of Education. The Questers, a national organization of women devoted to antique preservation, raised money for decoration and furniture. Some furniture and memorabilia was obtained from Field´s own home in Chicago. The Landmarks Association acquired it in 1968.

The decorative detailing of the windows and of the recessed doorway are examples of the Greek Revival style of the period. The shutters are recent additions which may or may not have been on the original building. The building is important both because Field lived there and also as a rare example of the Greek Revival Townhouse, a style once common in St. Louis.

Field, Eugene
Field, Roswell Martin
Scott, Dred

Eugene Field House



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