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Name:  Lyle House
Address:  Carondelet Park
Architectural Firm/Architect:   Alexander Lyle
Designation: City Landmark
Alexander Lyle came from Virginia in the early 1840s, where he had been trained as a carpenter. He built the frame house on land given to his grandfather by the King of Spain. During the Civil War, the Lyle family mysteriously disappeared, probably due to pressures brought about by their southern sympathies. The poet, Eugene Field, acquired the property. In 1840, the area was annexed to the City of St. Louis and now comprises a major section of South St. Louis.

Five years later, the City bought the property surrounding the house for $143,000 and made it into Carondelet Park. It was dedicated on July 4, 1876. In 1967, the house became the new recreation building for older residents in the Carondelet Park neighborhood. It is the oldest frame house still in existence within the City limits.

Field, Eugene
Lyle, Alexander

Lyle House
Lyle House
Lyle House
Lyle House



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