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Name:  Lemp Brewery Complex
Address:  South Broadway and Cherokee Street
Architectural Firm/Architect:   Guy T. Norton (for ferme
Dimensions:  15 acres - 25 buildings c
Alterations:   Continued expansion by additional buildings
Designation: City Landmark
This brewery was founded in 1840 by Adam Lemp, who introduced German lager beer to St. Louis. Its first location was on Second Street between Walnut and Elm. After Lemp´s death in 1862, the brewery came into the posession of his son, William J. Lemp, who then began building a new brewery at the present site. His choice of the location was influenced by the presence of nearby Cherokee Cave, which was used for beer storage.

Lemp´s brewery enjoyed profitable growth, so that by 1880 it was the largest in the City. After the turn of the century, the establishment began to decline, and its owner committed suicide in 1904. Several other members of the Lemp family met similar tragic ends.

The plant was closed as a result of Prohibition in 1919 and the property was sold in 1922 to the International Shoe Company, which used it for storage. The $7,000,000 brewery brought only $588,500. The shoe firm has gradually abandoned its use of the facility and it now awaits renovation for some other use.

Jungfield, E. Architects,
Lemp, Johann Adam
Norton, Guy T.

Lemp Brewery Moves

Lemp Brewery Complex
Lemp Brewery Complex
Lemp Brewery Complex



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