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Name:  Wainwright Tomb
Address:  Bellefontaine Cemetery
Architectural Firm/Architect:   Louis Sullivan
Designation: City Landmark, National Register of Historic Places,
Soon after Louis Sullivan completed the Wainwright building, he was commissioned to design a tomb for Charlotte Dickson Wainwright, the wife of Ellis Wainwright. Wainwright is also interred in the tomb.

SullivanĀ“s design is a gray limestone cube topped by a dome. There is a continuous band of a carved, tulip-and-leaf sequence which runs along the top, sides and over the door. The back wall is carved in a rectangle of interlocked circles and leaves; side windows are framed in four-pointed stars, the entrance in a snowflake design. The rich carving juxtaposed to the smoothness of the limestone creates a striking design.

Four broad, low steps lead up to the entranceway which has enclosed seats on either side. The round dome rises from a stepped circular base.

Wainwright, Charlotte Dickinson
Wainwright, Ellis

Wainwright Tomb
Wainwright Tomb
Wainwright Tomb
Wainwright Tomb
Wainwright Tomb



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