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Name:    Maguire, George
Profession:  Mayor
Category:  Politics and Government    (Number 6)
Term as Mayor:    1842-1843
Born/Started:    1796
Died/Ended:     Oct. 11, 1882
Description:    George Maguire was the sixth mayor of St. Louis, serving from 1842 to 1843. He was the first foreign born mayor of St. Louis, having come to St. Louis from Ireland. He was also the first Democrat to be elected mayor of St. Louis.

Mayor Maguire’s administration focused on the problems associated with the tremendous growth in the City’s population at that time. The population increased from 16,000 to 77,000 during the decade from 1840 to 1850. In 1843 the City was redistricted from five to six wards. The comptroller started furnishing a budget semi-annually to the Council, showing the estimated receipts and expenditures required for the current year. Street inspectors were required to make regular reports to the m and comptroller on the number and type of violation of City ordinances. Prisoners at the Workhouse were conscripted to work on street repairs. The Harbor Master was directed, at the expense of the owner, to remove leaky and unseaworthy vessels so that the harbor would not be damaged. Breakwaters were authorized on two islands in the Mississippi River to protect the harbor. A grading system of inspection of beef and pork was authorized with one of five grades to be marked on the barrel.

Mayor Maguire moved from Virginia to St. Louis about 1820. In 1833 he married Miss Mary Amelia Provenchere. Their only child was a daughter, Eulilie. She became the first wife of Charles W. Francis, the first St. Louis health commissioner under the City Charter of 1876.

Mayor Maguire was a real estate owner and worked for a while in the City land office that had charge of the City Commons. He was a member of the City Council both before and after his term as Mayor. In 1859 and 1840 he was a member of the House of Delegates. From 1848 to 1849 he sat on the board of aldermen.

Mr. Maguire continued to live in St. Louis until his death on October 11, 1882. Interment was at Bellefontaine Cemetery.

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