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Name:    Jackson, Claiborne
Profession:  Politician
Died/Ended:    1862
Description:    A dedicated supporter of states’ rights and the Confederacy, Claiborne Jackson was elected governor of Missouri in 1860. He was concerned about the split loyalties in the border state, so one of his first acts as governor was to secure passage of legislation placing the St. Louis police force under the control of a Police Board which he appointed (a situation that continues to the present day). Jackson also called a state convention to consider whether Missouri should secede from the Union, but his proposal was rejected. Recognizing the tenuous nature of his position, he strove to maintain an appearance of neutrality while working against the Union by declining to supply volunteers to the Army. When hard line Unionists finally succeeded in taking control in St. Louis, Jackson fled to Arkansas, where he served as a governor in exile until his death in 1862. (Gerteis; Stadler, 4)

Jackson Elected Governor

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