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Name:    Stoddard, Amos
Category:  Politics and Government
Description:    A captain in the U.S. Army, Amos Stoddard was appointed by President Jefferson as the first American governor of the Missouri Territory following the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Stoddard arrived in St. Louis to accept the transfer of the territory from the French, only to discover that the land had never been officially returned to France from Spain. On what is now known as Three Flags Day—March 9, 1804—, Stoddard, acting as Napoleon’s representative, accepted title to the territory from the Spanish governor. In deference to the City’s French citizens, he allowed the French flag to fly for the next 24 hours. The following day, he handed over title to himself as the American governor, thereby completing the transfer to the United States.

US Takes Possession of St. Louis



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