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Name:    Chouteau, Pierre Jr.
Profession:  Business Person, Explorer or Trapper
Category:  St. Louis and the West
Born/Started:    1758
Died/Ended:    1849
Description:    Piere Chouteau, Jr., the son of Pierre Laclede and Marie Therese Chouteau, came to St. Louis with them in 1764 from New Orleans. He built a fur trade with Native American tribes that extended as far as today´s Oklahoma. He also became a major in the military.

Chouteau’s lineage and business talent made him one of the town’s leading citizens. He was chosen to serve as a delegate to the 1820 Missouri constitutional convention which wrote the new state’s constitution. He served as a director of the St. Louis branch of the Bank of the United States, and later became a partner in the Iron Mountain Mining Company in the 1830s.

Chouteau had two wives, one of which was his first cousin. Both proceeded him in death. In all he had eight children.

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