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Name:    Busch, Sr., August
Born/Started:     Dec. 29, 1865
Died/Ended:     Feb. 10, 1934
Description:    August Busch, Sr. was president of Anheuser-Busch from 1913 until 1934, when he committed suicide. He successfully led the company during its most challenging period, up to and including Prohibition. To keep his company solvent during Prohibition, he developed Bevo, a nonalcohol brew which, at the peak of its popularity, sold more than 5 million cases annually. The company also diversified into building truck bodies and refrigerated cabinets, barley malt syrup and ice cream, and baker´s yeast. From 1920-1927, more than 26 new products, including a dealcoholized version of Budweiser, were introduced to keep the company in business.

When national Prohibition was repealed in 1933, Busch celebrated by presenting his father with a team of Clydesdales and a turn-of-the century beer wagon. The popularity and promotional potential of the hitch quickly became apparent, and soon it became an enduring symbol of company’s quality.

Busch also led efforts to construct the Bevo Mill in St. Louis. This was an effort to convince Americans that beer was not something consumed only in saloons, as promoted by Prohibitionists, but in family-oriented, "respectable" eating establishments as well. The Bevo Mill was one of many efforts to help educate people about beer´s wholesome role in society.

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Bevo Mill

Anheuser-Busch Inc.

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