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Name:    Flad, Henry
Profession:  Military, Other
Category:  Politics and Government
Born/Started:    1824
Died/Ended:     Jun. 20, 1898
Description:    Henry Flad was born in Germany in 1824. He graduated from the University of Munich in 1846 with an engineering degree. He was forced to flee his country due to his role as a leader in the failed fight for constitutional rights for his countrymen. He moved to New York in 1849 and worked as an engineer and eventually worked for the Iron Mountain Railroad in Missouri.

During the Civil War he enlisted in the 3rd Missouri Infantry, where he rapidly rose through the ranks due to his engineering ability. After the War, he lived in St. Louis and was very involved in the construction of the Eads Bridge. As a result of his superior engineering ability during this project, he was elected by the citizens of St. Louis as the first president of the Board of Public Improvements in 1877. He served until 1890, when he resigned to accept a presidential appointment to be a member of the Mississippi River Commission. While president of the board, many of his ideas and projects were copied by other large cities. [http://home.usmo.com/~momollus/CiCmtg/Flad.htm]

Eads, James Buchanan

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