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Name:    Nooter Corporation
Profession:  Merchant
Born/Started:    1890
Description:    John Nooter moved to the United States from Amsterdam in the 1880s and worked in the coal mines in Southern Illinois. He moved to St. Louis to work for the John O´Brien Boiler Works. He soon started his own company, the John Nooter Boiler Works. During the company´s early years. Nooter was joined by Tom Ryan and John Eschmann, Sr. The three of them were responsible for significant growth of the company. They helped St. Louis rebuild after the tornado of 1899 in time for the 1904 World´s Fair. Technological advances of electric welding and new metals in the 1920s helped to expand manufacturing possibilities. Nooter used these advances to produce custom fabricated metal plate products. During the Depression, Nooter concentrated on boiler repairs. It won many contracts for the various armed services during World War II. After the War the company expanded its plant at 1400 South Second Street and purchased Missouri Boiler & Tank Company and formed the metallizing department into a separate subsidiary called the St. Louis Metallizing Company. Today, Nooter consists of nine different divisions that provide engineering solutions in the area of metal work, technology, fabrication and construction. [St. Louis Portait, p. 223, http://www.nooter.com]

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