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Name:    Moog Automotive
Profession:  Merchant
Born/Started:    1919
Description:    Alva and Hubert Moog were living in Pensacola, Florida operating a wholesale liquor business when Prohibition shut down their operation. They then decided an area that was to see growth was in the manufacturing of automotive replacement parts and the city with the most growth was St. Louis. In 1919 they purchased the old Jenkins-Vulcan Spring Company on Locust Street and renamed it the St. Louis Spring Company. For 40 years, the company manufactured leaf springs which were used exclusively as suspension devices on all cars and trucks that were on the road at that time. In 1935 the company moved to Wellston and added more products. A few years later it was renamed Moog Industries, Inc. Some of the products it manufactured and sold were its patented CarGo Coil, ball joints, idler arms, pitman arms, tie rod ends, coil springs, power steering components and various parts for foreign vehicles as well. In 1972 the company changed its name to Moog Automotive, Inc. Moog Automotive was purchased by IFI International in 1977, by Cooper Atuomotive and eventually by Federal Mogul in 1998. [St. Louis Portrait, p. 222, http://www.federal-mogul.com/about_us/index.html]

Saint Louis Portrait

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