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Name:    Schnuck Markets, Inc.
Profession:  Merchant
Born/Started:    1939
Detailed Description:
In 1939, Edwin and Anna Schnuck opened a confectionery in North St. Louis. Using his prior experience in the industry, Edwin established a meat department in the store to complement the staple items and homemade deli items. The meat department quickly developed a reputation for quality at affordable prices.

After World War II, the company converted its operations to supermarkets and increased its number of outlets. By the 1970s, two of the Schnuck children, Edward and Donald, were running the company while it continued its expansion. By the 1990s, Craig Schnuck, the son of Don Schnuck, was chairman and CEO, and the company acquired National Super Markets, which had fifty stores in the St. Louis area. Schnucks is very active in the St. Louis Community, helping organizations such as the United Way, Urban League, and Salvation Army. [St. Louis: Home on the River, pages 316-317]

St. Louis: Home on the River

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