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Name:    Alumax Foils, Inc.
Profession:  Merchant
Born/Started:    1889
Description:    Alumax Foils is the nation´s oldest manufacturer of aluminum foil. Located on South Broadway, the company produces light-gauge aluminum foil for many commercial applications.

Millwright James Johnston incorporated the Tin Foil and Metal Company in 1889 to provide packaging for the St. Louis tobacco market.

Alumax´s current customers are the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, which use the foil for packaging. Some of its food uses are for packages of catsup, packaged coffees, pasta and the aluminum caps on yogurts and juices. The foils are used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide a hermetical seal for tablets and liquid medications.

Alumax has markets in all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico and is considering expansion into Asia and Eastern Europe.[St. Louis-Home on the River, p. 260]

St. Louis: Home on the River

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