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Name:    Diagraph Corporation
Profession:  Merchant
Category:  St. Louis and the West
Born/Started:    1893
Description:    In 1893, Andrew Jackson Bradley was walking among piles of cargo on the St. Louis levee that were waiting to be hand addressed. He decided there had to be an easier way to label items. As a result he invented the Long Bradley stencil-cutting machine.

One of his employees, Stephen Hartog, improved the design by inventing a circular stencil-marking machine. He offered to sell his concept to Bradley, who refused. He then approached Theodore Remmers, the owner of the largest machine shop west of the Mississippi. The two of them then started Diagraph Company.

Many of the company´s original stencil-cutting machines are still in use. The company also began producing such items as markers, inks, and brushes.

Diagraph moved to Earthy City and has plants in Illinois and St. Peters. It also has many facilities throughout the world. Diagraph has contributed its technology to help the Missouri Botanical Garden by setting up a bar coding system to help track and identify its 4 million plants species. [St. Louis-Home on the River, p. 266, http://www.diagraph.com/corpinfo/companyinfo.asp]

St. Louis: Home on the River

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