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Name:    Hempstead, Edward
Profession:  Politician
Category:  Planning and Development
Born/Started:     Jun. 03, 1780
Died/Ended:     Aug. 10, 1817
Description:    Edward Hempstead was the first Missouri territorial delegate to the Thirteenth Congress, serving from November 9, 1812 until 1814.

Born in New London, CN, Hempstead was admitted to the bar in 1801. He practiced in Rhode Island and moved to St. Louis (then District of Louisiana) in 1805. He was attorney general of the Territory of Upper Louisiana from 1809 to 1811. He also served in several expeditions against the Indians north of the Missouri River. He was a member of the third territorial general assembly in 1812 and served as speaker.

Hempstead was thrown from a horse August 4, 1817, which resulted in his death. His interment was on Hempstead Farm, which is now a part of Bellefontaine Cemetery.

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