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Name:    Tandy, Charton Hunt
Profession:  Other
Category:  Cultural Life
Born/Started:    1836
Died/Ended:    1919
Description:    Charton Hunt Tandy was born in Lexington, Kentucky but moved to St. Louis to help organize the Underground Railroad. Tandy was a black civil war veteran who became captain of Tandy´s Saint Louis Guard, a state militia composed of black volunteers recruited by Tandy. In the 1880s he almost single-handedly broke up the segregated streetcar system.

Tandy´s other accomplishments included raising money for establishing the high school for blacks in Jefferson City that later became Lincoln University; increasing the number of black teachers and principals in St. Louis Public Schools; and assisting poor black immigrants who came from the South to St. Louis. In the 1880s he broke up the segregated streetcar system by preventing trolley drivers from passing up waiting black passengers. Toward the end of his career, Tandy served as the Republican committeeman for the City´s Tenth Ward. Tandy Park, located between Newstead and Goode, was named in his honor.

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