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Title: In Her Place: A Guide to St. Louis Women's History
Author: Catharine T. Corbett
Publisher: Missouri Historical Society Press 
Publisher Location: St. Louis 
Date of Publish: 1999 
Literature Type: Book 

Berger, Mother Mary Odilia
Bowles, Carrie
Broadhead, Bettie
Bulkey, Mary Ezit
Clapp, Anna
Cook, Fannie Frank
Couzins, Phoebe
Couzins, Adaline
Fischel, Martha
Forchet, Jeanette
Fremont, Jessie Benton
Gellhorn, Edna Fischel
Hayward, Florence
Hennessey, Hannah
Leavell, Nancy
McIntosh, Francis
McLean, Mary
Meyer, Marie
Milner, Lucille Lowenstein
Minor, Virginia
O┬┤Hare, Kate Richards
Paddock, Mary
Parrish, Williamina "Will"
Parsons, Emily
Peale, Sarah Miriam
Pulsifer, Mrs. William
Richardson, Florence Wyman
Rumbold, Charlotte
Salisbury, Mary H
Scypion, Catchie
Sibley, Mary Easton
Stevens, Josephine
Stimson, Julia C
Tucker, Mary Ellen
Williams, Arsania M.
Woodward, Fanny

League of Women Voters of St. Louis Founded
Sisters of St. Mary Established
St. Louis Equal Suffrage League Founded
St. Louis Womens Trade Union League Founded
Woman Suffrage Association of Missouri Formed



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