Personnel Department




  • Minimum: $27,924.00
  • Maximum: $42,250.00
  • Normal entry salary is $27,924.

Nature of Work

This is semi-skilled manual work planting and propagating plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers. Responsibilities include operating hand and power sprayers, tractors, mowers, pruning equipment, power seeders and roto-tillers. Candidates must possess knowledge in cutting and laying soil in turf areas, applying various pesticides, using standard gardening tools and adhering to related safety practices. The incumbent will also be responsible for monitoring and reporting on employee production levels and training needs. Gardeners must be able to deal effectively with the public.

Minimum Qualifications

An Associate’s degree in Horticulture or a directly related field;

OR, two years of recent full-time paid experience in gardening or landscaping;

OR, an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

Qualifying experience must indicate knowledge of planting and propagating various types of plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers; knowledge of diseases, plant pests and methods used for control and eradication; knowledge of application schedules and procedures for use of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and other related chemicals or control agents; experience with using various types of tools and equipment associated with gardening. Requires the ability to regularly perform moderately physically demanding work, typically involving some combination of lifting, pushing or pulling moderately heavy objects and materials, up to fifty pounds.

License: Must possess and maintain a valid Missouri driver’s license while employed by the City of St. Louis. Must possess a valid driver’s license at the time of filing the application. Some positions may require a Commercial Driver’s License (Class B) with a Tank Vehicle Endorsement by completion of the working test (probationary) period. Please note type of license, number, class and expiration date on the employment application. Applicants who do not possess a Missouri driver’s license will be required to present a “Driving Record Check” from their State’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Documentation of qualifying educational achievement must be submitted with the employment application. Applications without proper documentation will not be considered. If you apply online, please submit your transcript or diploma under separate cover within five days of submitting your employment application to the Department of Personnel, 1114 Market Street, Room 700, St. Louis, MO 63101, Attention: Debra Daniels.

A limited number of applicants may be scheduled for the Oral Interview based on an evaluation of experience and training. The Employment History and Educational/Training History sections of the application must be completed even if you attach a resume. Resumes will not be accepted as a substitute for a fully completed application. List all jobs held over the last 10 years and other pertinent gardening employment beyond 10 years. Be as detailed as possible when describing your related gardening, horticulturist or landscaping experiences including equipment, materials, and tools used. Attach additional sheets, if necessary, using the same format as the employment application. Also explain gaps in your employment history. If you have never been employed, this should be included under the Employment History section of the application. Complete all requested information and explain if an item does not pertain to you. Applicants who have unsuitable employment and/or unsatisfactory records of convictions will not be considered. Incomplete and/or carelessly completed applications will not be considered.

Applications will be accepted until a sufficient number are received to fill anticipated vacancy.

Applications can be submitted online. A Printable Application Form that can be mailed in is also available.

Examination Components and Their Weights

  • Experience and Training: Pass/Fail
  • Oral Interview: 100%
  • Medical Examination: Pass/Fail

No waiver of the Residency Requirement will be granted.

O.C. 1956
November 13, 2012
Reopened 07/22/13
Reopened 05/12/14
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