Personnel Department


Correctional Officer I


  • Minimum: $33,306.00
  • Maximum: $45,968.00
  • Normal entry salary is $33,306. Some per-performance, hourly paid positions are also available. Those positions are paid $16.05/hour and are not covered by the Employee Benefits Program, nor are they eligible for shift differential pay. Per-performance, hourly paid positions do not require St. Louis City residency. Shift differential of 1% is paid for evening, night, and weekend shifts.

Nature of Work

This is work in maintaining order, keeping records, and supervising the activities of residents at the City correctional institutions. Candidates may be selectively certified based upon foreign language skills or other special qualifications.

Minimum Qualifications

Two or more years of work experience AND a high school diploma or General Educational Development (G.E.D.) certificate. (Earned credit hours from an accredited college or university may substitute on a year-for-year basis for the required experience at a rate of 30 semester credit hours for one year.) In order to be considered for this position applicants must be available to work all shifts which includes days, evenings, nights, weekends, holidays and to work at the assigned City Correctional institution: St. Louis City Justice Center (CJC) or Medium Security Institution (MSI). Candidates must be willing and able to work mandatory overtime, if necessary. Correctional Officers must be able to pass classroom curriculum while in training. CPR and first aid training is required after hiring. Correctional Officers must complete training necessary to carry firearms to successfully pass their working test period.

AGE: Applicants must be at least 21 years of age at the time of submitting the employment application.

DRIVER’S LICENSE: Must possess and maintain a valid Missouri driver’s license while employed by the City of St. Louis. Possession of a valid driver’s license is required at the time of filing the employment application. Any convictions or serious infractions must be disclosed on the employment application. Applicants who do not possess a Missouri driver’s license will be required to present a “Driving Record Check” from their State’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Please note type of license, number, class and expiration date on the employment application.

CHARACTER INVESTIGATION: Must be able to pass a background investigation. Applicants who have unsatisfactory records of convictions may be eliminated from further consideration for this position. Failure to list on application any conviction, guilty pleadings or current charges pending (including traffic violations) will result in the applicant’s disqualification.

Proof of age, education/training, driver’s license, driving record check and/or Form DD 214 must be provided upon request by the Department of Personnel.

The medical exam will include a drug/alcohol screen, tuberculosis test, and subsequent random drug/alcohol tests as a condition of employment.

The Employment History and Educational/Training History sections of the employment application must be completed even if you attach a resume. Resumes will not be accepted as a substitute for a fully completed application. List all jobs held over the last 10 years and other pertinent employment beyond 10 years. Provide a complete and detailed description of work experience, educational achievement and training. Attach additional sheets, if necessary, using the same format as the employment application. Also explain gaps in your employment history. If you have never been employed, this should be included under the Employment History section of the application. Complete all requested information and explain if an item does not pertain to you. Applicants who have unsuitable employment will be eliminated from further consideration. Failure to list on the application any dismissal or forced resignation will result in the applicant’s disqualification. Incomplete and/or carelessly completed applications will not be considered.

Last Date For Filing Application Is August 22, 2014

Applications can be submitted online. A Printable Application Form that can be mailed in is also available.

Examination Components and Their Weights

  • Written Exam: 100%
  • Character Investigation: Pass/Fail
  • Medical Examination: Pass/Fail
  • No waiver of the Residency Requirement will be granted.

    O.C. 1919
    June 25, 2012
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